It’s that magical time of year again, and what better way to spend it than a trip to one of Europe’s best Christmas markets. We’re ofcourse talking about the famous Zagreb Advent which won the award for Best European Christmas Market from 2016. to 2018. three years in a row!

As always, the big bad COVID tuned it down a notch in the last few years, but it’s still happening and has all the makings of a true Christmas wonderland. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss when coming to Zagreb Advent.


Main Square (1 minute from our hostel)

Oh look, the first location already has our name in it. The Zagreb Main Square (Ban Jelačić Square) is how our hostel got it’s name because it’s just a minute away and is the central location for numerous events during the year, and Advent Zagreb is no exception.

The Main square will come alive with numerous wooden kiosks offering hand-held local food and drinks, so you just can’t miss the famous ”fritule” or mulled wine and enjoy the civilised buzz of the city center.

European Square and Bogovićeva street (4 minutes from our hostel)

Next to the Main Square are two locations, European Square to the east, and Bogovićeva to the west, and on both these locations you will find even more of the traditional cuisine Zagreb Advent has to offer.

Not to mention, Bogovićeva is the home of many cafes and bars which will have their own unique version of Advent on the terraces. A good time is guaranteed!

Zrinjevac (7 minutes from our hostel)

This year, Zrinjevac won’t have the wooden kiosks that were traditionally there, but it will still without a doubt be the most beautifully decorated part of Zagreb Advent as it always is.

In addition to this, Zrinjevac will be the main stage this year for all cultural and music events planned for Advent Zagreb in organisation of the tourist board. This means that almost every night you can expect something interesting happening there, and it’s just a short stroll away from the Main Square.

Strossmayer Promenade (6 minutes from our hostel)

If you instead decide to go north-east from the hostel, you will find yourself on the Strossmayer Promenade. Those of you who come in the summer may remember ”Summer at Stross” and for Advent Zagreb it’s always one of the most popular locations with unique decorations and most importantly – excellent musical nights with lots of fun.

No matter what part of Advent you decide to visit, the Main Square Hostel is the place to be! You can be everywhere in a matter of minutes and this Advent we’re preparing something special – our famous pub crawl is evolving into Advent crawl! We will be taking you to all the best locations this year so come join us.


Need more incentives? Well since it’s Christmas time, here’s a little gift from us: If you come to Zagreb with Ryanair you can get an exclusive 20% discount on your stay, and if you travel with Flixbus you get a (additional if both companies are used in your travels) 10% discount as well! See you in December!