Have some free time in October and don’t know where to go? Or thinking about visiting Zagreb for a while now, but you’re not sure when? We believe you will be pretty interested in what we have to advise, and our advice is: choose October. Why?



Yes, Croatia is beautiful and warm in the summer, but more so if you visit the seaside. For Zagreb, refreshment options in the summer are limited, so your sightseeing trip can soon turn to: let’s sit in that cafe and cool down. October has perfect weather in Zagreb, not too cold so you’re uncomfortable, but not hot so you get a good night’s sleep and can explore the city as much as you like.

Lack of crowds

This one is obviously not important to everyone, and if you like a crowded and bustling city, be sure to visit our hostel in December for one of the best European Christmas fairs, the Zagreb Advent. But if you like the peace and quiet, you can hardly go wrong with October. The summer crowds are gone, the winter madness hasn’t started yet, and the city is your oyster.


People in Zagreb are always great, not to be mistaken here, but if you come when it’s crowded, they won’t have as much time to engage with you. And if you ask us, some of your best memories can be made with locals who know the city that much better. If you come to Zagreb in October, you will find a relaxed atmosphere and will surely meet someone new.

With us – you can’t be bored!

Finally, why not come in October? Even if you’re the biggest party animal, we got you covered. Our partner hostel Whole Wide World is the best party hostel in Zagreb and with daily events and a pub crawl every week, even in the off season you’ll always have something to do! This way you get the best of both worlds. Sounds great, doesn’t it?